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The Deniece Pittman Scholarship Program


Deniece Pittman, Founder 

The Deniece Pittman Scholarship Program

The Deniece Pittman Scholarship Program is named after Deniece Pittman, the Co-Founder of At The Table and Founder of the Deniece Pittman Scholarship Program. Deniece was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2012.  Although her mother and other relatives had suffered from this disease and had even passed away, she never thought she would hear the words, “You have Cancer!”


While undergoing treatment, Deniece had a deep concern for her husband and children, and the emotional and financial hardship they would have to bear if she did not beat this disease. She asked herself two questions:  “Will my children be able to go to college?” and “Will they be OK as they enter early adulthood?” Deniece quickly decided that she had to fight to survive for herself and the sake of her family. 


In May of 2023, Deniece was diagnosed with a blood cancer called Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Deniece found herself again, fighting to survive.  She was determined to keep her faith and trust in God for complete healing of Cancer and to never return again!  


Today, Deniece is an eleven (11) year cancer survivor and gives God all the Glory for a second chance at life.  As she continues this journey of survivorship, Deniece will empower more women and girls through her personal story and testimony through The Deniece Pittman Scholarship Program which will support them to WIN and THRIVE at life! 


The Deniece Pittman Scholarship was established in 2018 and has awarded $5,000 in scholarship funds to higher education. 

 Applications must be submitted online by June 22, 2024 at 11:59PM.


important details

  • Applications must be submitted online by June 22, 2024 at 11:59PM.  

  • Notification of the award will be made by July 15, 2024.

  • Scholarship recipient(s) must attend the At The Table 7th Annual Fashion Show & Dinner Event “Moving with Purpose” that will be hosted on Sunday, September 15, 2024.

  • An official transcript must be mailed directly from an educational institution.

  • Transcripts must be mailed to At The Table to: 

At The Table Deniece Pittman  Scholarship Program, P.O. Box 307653, Gahanna, OH, 43230.

What's required?

  • Completed application (all documentation in the downloadable PDF application).

  • Proof of enrollment into college/technical school.

  • An essay addressing topics as requested.

  • Have at least a 2.5 cumulative Grade Point Average on a 4.0 scale.

  • Scholarship recipient(s) must have two letters of reference (each submitted online via the upload document portal  ( by the person completing the reference).

  • An official high school or college/technical school transcript mailed directly to At The Table in a sealed envelope from the educational institution.

Note: An application that is missing any of the items noted above is incomplete and will not be considered.


Step 1:

Read the application carefully and note the important details and requirements for the award.   

Step 2:

Download the application and complete all parts.  Confirm all corresponding documentation, including the Physician Release Form, and that the references and the transcript are provided to At The Table by June 22, 2024. 

Step 3:

Review the Application Checklist for a final review and upload the application and required documentation via online ( and submit electronically by June 22, 2024.


Document Upload

If you are a physician, reference, academic advisor, or parent/ legal guardian and need to upload corresponding documentation for a scholarship application please use this option.


2024 Scholarship Application

This scholarship is open to females who are permanent residents in Central Ohio, and who are:

  1. High school seniors who have applied to an accredited college/university/technical school, or; 

  2. Young women age 26 and under attending an accredited college/university/technical school, and;

  3. Who have cancer or have survived cancer, or; 

  4. Whose parent/guardian has cancer, has survived cancer, or has passed away as a result of Cancer.  


Applicants are required to:

  • Complete and submit the Student Profile, Academic Profile, and Community Involvement Profile; 

  • Prepare and submit an essay addressing topics as requested (see the guidelines and requirements in the  application);

  • Have at least a 2.5 cumulative Grade Point Average on a 4.0 scale (An official high school/college/technical school transcript must be mailed directly from the educational institution in a sealed envelope to The Deniece Pittman Scholarship Program, PO Box 307653, Columbus, Ohio 43230;

  • Provide proof of parent/legal guardianship relationship (copy of birth certificate, or legal adoption or legal guardianship document);

  • Provide proof of enrollment in college/university/technical school; 

  • Provide the physician’s medical release form regarding a current or past cancer diagnosis of the applicant or parent/legal guardian;

  • Submit two (2) letters of reference. Note: references from relatives will not be accepted; 

  • Submit all application materials online by June 22, 2024 at 11:59 PM.


The applicant may be asked to participate in a phone interview with a selection committee member. 

Award recipient(s) must attend the At The Table’s 7th Annual Fashion Show & Dinner “Moving with Purpose” that will be hosted on Sunday, September 15, 2024 (in person or virtually.



1. What can I use the scholarship for?

The scholarship can be used for tuition, books, and food. 

2. What are my chances of receiving a scholarship?

The scholarship award is based on scholarship criteria, the availability of funds, and the competitiveness of the applicant pool. These factors change with every funding cycle, and some years are more competitive than others. Please note that meeting minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee funding, and the reason for not receiving an award may simply be due to lack of funding.

3. Does the scholarship expire? 

The scholarship funds are applicable the semester following the scholarship award. 

4. If I am awarded a scholarship, how much will I get?

The scholarship award amount is $1,000. 

5. How are the scholarship funds disbursed? 

A one-time payment in the amount of $1,000 is paid directly to the university/school by the required deadline.

6. Can I apply if I reside outside of Ohio?

You must be a permanent resident in Central Ohio to be eligible.  

7. Do I need an official transcript if I’m already enrolled in college/school? 

An unofficial transcript is acceptable.  The submission must be on university/school letterhead, including the website address and verification of your current quarter/semester.


Ways to Support

Take your Seat At The Table and Sponsor a Scholarship  to provide educational funds to students affected by Cancer. 

Sponsor a Scholarship- $2,500

Be a College Care Basket Sponsor - $1,000

A Seat At The Table Sponsor - $100

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