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"We are not here to get to tomorrow. We are here for today, to bloom today. We were made to Thrive!" ~ Mark Hall


T.H.R.I.V.E Girls

T.H.R.I.V.E. Girls Empowered is a personal development program that helps women and girls reach their full potential by focusing on:

  • Cancer health/Awareness

  • Creates Positive Self-Thinking and Self-Empowerment 

  • Helps You Find & Develop Your Unique Gifts and Talents 

  • Accountability, Self-Respect, and Respecting Others  

  • Determine Smart Goals & Create A Plan Of Action 

  • My Money Plan & Creative Entrepreneurship

  • My Roadmap and Plan for the Future 


The T.H.R.I.V.E. Girls Mentorship Program is open to high school-age girls. If you are interested in partnering with ATT in a school or if you are interested in volunteering to be a Program Facilitator email us 

Young Female Student

We are looking for a minimum of 20 women who want to be a part of this inaugural class!

Focusing on:

  • Cancer health/awareness

  • Self-Esteem

  • Self-Empowerment

  • Health & Wellness

  • Goal Setting

  • Career Development


The Women's Empowerment Program is open to young adult women 19-30, If you are interested in signing up, please Click Here 

Click here if you are interested in volunteering to be a Program Facilitator and/or to submit suggestions for a session(s) topic for the program.


Ways to Support


The Deniece Pittman 
Scholarship Program 

The Deniece Pittman Academic Scholarship Cancer Fund is named after the Co-Founder and President, Deniece Pittman. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2012, Deniece realized she had to fight to survive for herself and the sake of her family.


Even though having memories of her mother and other relatives suffering from this disease, and even passing away, she never thought she would hear the words, “you have cancer”!

While going through treatment, Deniece thought about her husband, children, and the emotional and financial hardship they would have to bear if she did not beat this disease –  "will my children be able to go to college?” - "will my children be OK as they enter early adulthood”? 


Today, Deniece is a 9-year cancer survivor who gives God all the Glory! Since her survival, it has been in her heart to start a Scholarship Foundation that would help a student that had a parent fighting cancer, provide financial assistance to attend college.

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