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Become a Board Member or Volunteer

Do you have a passion to empower women and girls to win at life through health and wellness education, with a focus on women and girls of color.  

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Become a Board Member!

Thank you for your interest in joining the At The Table Executive Team. We are looking for talented and passionate women that want to join and support our movement in empowering women and girls to win at life so they can make a positive impact within the community!  

The Board Chair is responsible for leading the board and facilitating ATT meetings, ensures that ATT business is conducted in an orderly fashion and oversees discussion and attempts to lead the board to consensus. The chair works closely with the chief executive officer (CEO). The board chair can sign contracts and loan agreements. The chair appoints the chairperson of committees and can serve as an ex-officio member of board committees. The chair oversees the preparation of the board packet and manages the quantity, quality and timeliness of information presented to the board members.


Job Responsibilities:


  • Is a member of the Board;

  • Serves as a member of Executive Leadership - meets outside of board meetings to plan, measure programs, projects and the overall operating budget, makes decisions and/or recommendations to the board;

  • Serves as the Chief Volunteer of the organization.  Serves a Team Lead and rollout to the board the organization’s Strategic Plan (also works with outside consultants specializing in Strategic Planning/Development, and Coaching);

  • Perform duties outlined in the organization’s strategic plan;

  • Evaluates annually the performance of the organization in achieving its mission;

  • Monitors financial planning and financial reports;

  • Helps guide and mediate Board actions with respect to organizational priorities and governance concerns;

  • Chairs meetings of the Board after developing the agenda with the Executive Leadership (sends out meeting agenda a week prior to monthly board meetings);

  • Appoints the chairpersons of committees, in consultation with other Board members;

  • Serves as the primary contact for the board;

  • Set goals and objectives for the board;

  • Provides insight as needed and holds the board accountable for attending meetings and completing projects;

  • Mold a collaborative board culture and engage fellow members in ways that capitalize on their strengths;

  • Ensuring the actions taken are in line with the organization’s bylaws, goals, and mission;

  • Formally evaluates the performance of the Chief Executive and informally evaluates the effectiveness of the Board members;

  • Assisting in welcoming and onboarding process for new members;

  • Actively recruits new board members and helps to retain current board members;

  • Representing the organization when speaking to the press, media, or other groups;

  • Discusses issues confronting the organization with the Chief Executive.  Mediating personality conflicts and disputes between board members;

  • Keep and maintain accurate records on the ATT Google Drive;

  • Keeps project documents housed on the ATT Google Drive updated and archived in an organized manner;

  • Performs other responsibilities assigned by the Board.

Boad Opps

For all Human Resource Inquiries: 


Pamela Stone,

Human Resource and Training Manager 

(614) 674-0074‬

Please download and complete the application. 

Return here to upload the completed application along with your resume and the below form:  

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